​Also, Bill Evanov, Paul Evanov, Gary Gamble Ky Joseph and the incredibly talented staff of Z1035 and The Jewel Radio Network.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and unwavering support of FIVE YEARS AFTER.

Thanks very much to all of you who read through the rewrites and offered your encouragement and thoughts. They were much appreciated.



                                                JACOB SYLVIA

His patience in listening to rewrite after rewrite.  The online graphics were eye catching.

​                                                          ​SHELLI VARELLA

This person is a walking inspiration. Thanks for being " a little bit Maggie." The in command part of course :). Mississauga's first female firefighter and first female fire station Captain has a children's book out entitled "Peanut meets the Pig tailed Firefighter." Like Shelli, the book is an inspiration to young  women


                                             ​ROBERT HINBEST

For his in depth knowledge of car batteries and all that is automotive. Erskine's Service Center, Orangeville.

                                           CAPTAIN GREGORY ROWE

His invaluable knowledge and passion for aircraft and all things aeronautical. Air Canada must be proud.

                                                            BRENDA WINTER

The design of this website and being there at a moments notice. Images By Design, Orangeville.

                                                 MARIARTY PORTER

​Thank you for the honest advice and insight.