A well thought out storyline with imagery that is as startling as it is descriptive. 5 Years After does a great job of presenting a future of darkness, contrasted with sprinkles of hope and humanity. Definitely recommend this one!  - ATZ.com on Amazon. (5 Stars out of 5)

​A very well written book. Great story line - Barnes and Noble.

Great read! Can't wait for the sequel - Gary Gamble Jewel 88.5 Toronto​

A real thrill ride............. - Kat Callaghan Z1035 Toronto

5 Years After by Richard Correll is a riveting and realistic depiction of how the world will be five years after the zombie apocalypse. Mr. Correll masterfully weaves the personal accounts of individuals to lend a unique and meaningful perspective on the ways in which humanity will strive to rebuild and reinvent itself after a cataclysmic event. Readers will find immense clarity and vision within each of the stories; each vignette is a poignant narrative that leaves you both stricken and hopeful. 5 Years After by Richard Correll left me hungering for more of his writing. He is a brilliant author, and I recommend this book with the highest praise.  - ZOMBIEFIEND.COM  (5 Stars out of 5)

......Rich characters.......frighteningly believable.......a potential game changer for the genre.   - WTAE Pittsburgh

Correll's descriptive style and intense research makes a very real world. You will believe. KSPK Colorado