Meet Richard Correll


An accomplished writer, Richard took a break during the 90's when his career in radio took off and what followed was 20 years of success in broadcasting for radio stations including Z1035. He has finally had an opportunity to return to his first love, well researched fiction. It was while on a late night walk with his dog in Orangeville, that he was inspired to create 5 YEARS AFTER. Researched for over a year he has received critical acclaim for its realism, dark imagery and descriptive depth.

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"One of the smartest guys I know on the Radio" - Tony Monaco​Richard 

"It's good to be Richard Correll" - Danny D 

"A true Pro" - Matt Wreggitt

"The man is a pleasure to represent" - Dan Sandor, Richard's Agent

You know Richard's Voice on Z1035. Holding down Saturday and Sunday's.

You can also hear him just about everywhere. He is in movie theater's, television and a million other places. He is one of the top commercial and narrator voices in the country.

He does it all from his home studio. "Yeah, my commute is one flight of stairs" he says.

In the last two years, he has finished 3 video games. including the phenomenally successful Eve Tyrannus.

Richard's other credits include A national geographic special, commercials for FOX, ABC, ESPN, CTV . Yeah, he's really busy.

He's also the voice of the Kool Aid man!!!!! ("Ooooh Yeah!")

He was also one of the voices for "Born To Be" and is the current narrator on the critically acclaimed series "The Will" on the Oprah Winfrey network. (It's called inheriting trouble on Discovery investigation).

Rounding out this amazing career. He is a published writer and was a former host of an international countdown show out of Los Angeles and the Far East.

Richard Lives north of Toronto where he can be found walking his dog Simba (yes, simba is real. He's a rescue and very spoiled :) and hanging with his Stepson from a previous marriage.